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Nifty vs Nefarious
Watch me fight my own insanity....
13th-Jul-2010 05:57 pm
Oh yes I am, alive that is. So yeah first year of uni went well. I managed to get succeed for all subjects with about a...7.5 out of 10 on average so I'm happy. It was also really interesting and I do feel like I know more, especially about language. I recommend doing a course in linguistics, it's quite fun ;).

As to my social life. I made some good friends at uni and will be going to castlefest with some of them in August. As to my high-school friends. K and J want to go away for a weekend or midweek and while I'm totally on that, I really want to go to Stockholm or Dublin, and both have rather expensive plain tickets, so I'm not too sure that'll happen this year. Next year I'm definitely going to Dublin though, because the Irish? The Irish are hot ;).

As to my LJ life. I didn't really log in or check up on you guys all that much. Sorry :(. I just got caught up in real life so much. Though I must admit these past few weeks the lure of LJ has been ahrd to resist. I did log in quite a lot, but that was to satisfy my fic needs (penny/Sheldon, Arthur/merlin, Ron/draco and KIRK/SPOCK reboot universe, because pine and quinto are hot...ahem) :(.

For now though, for now it's summer. And this summer I will FINALLY try to lose some weight. I've had it with the flab and the stares. Also I want to rock a corset. I'm not going to post my current weight, because even I find it..well embarrassing, but I will post my weight loss ;).

So current weight loss is: 0 pounds ;)

I will be posting on a weekly basis, possibly Fridays, since that's when I'll try to weigh myself. For now I'm off to make me some homemade iced tea (without sugar ;))

Talk to you guys later!

p.s. is anybody interested in my tumblr posts about knitting? I update more over there, so if anybody wants to see what I'm up to, go find me on tumblr: knittedfuin. ;)
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