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Nifty vs Nefarious
Watch me fight my own insanity....
Can I get your number baby.... 
22nd-Dec-2009 03:48 am

Anyways, to recap the past two months:

I still can't write essays, or my tutor hates me, it's one of those two.
I've somehow dropped out of bandom (still love everybody in it, the bands and LJ people), because I....I really don't know why. Time's been odd lately.
I quite my job, I hated it and it showed and then I just told my manager and wham I was without job. This impacted my financial situation somewhat, but I'm good now (not going clubbing/to bars helps in that aspect, must do that more often).
The study so far has been great, I'm doing well in my academic classes, which deal with literature, but my language skills need some work.

Apparently my accent has shifted to Mid-Atlantic. While I was worried about somehow having picked up a Greenland accent (that's somewhere near the middle, non?), it wasn't that. Mid- Atlantic means that I somehow managed to mix American and British and it sounds...well it sounds okay to me, but my tutor, the one that hates me, thinks it's absolutely horrendous. I don't really care, save for the fact that I need to get it fixed to pass this course (or something like it) of Spoken English, because I´m in the RP group.(If I was in the Gen. American group I´d probably have issues as well, because I can´t twang like ya´ll can ;))

Ehm, what else. Oh yes! There are far too many hot men at my study, though probably all taken, the hottest is anyways (sideburns, HE HAS SIDEBURNS....I´m melting)<.

My cat is still fat, and is starting to look like a little piggie, but one that walks oddly. Our christmas tree is technically speaking too large for our house, seeing as it´s crammed up to the ceiling and you can´t sit on part of the couch. However the house does smell like it, so all´s forgiven.

I had a sinterchristmas party last Saturday (St. Nicolas and Christmas rolled into one) and got an amazing present: The Ben and Jerry´s dessert cook/recipe book. All I need now is an icemaker and I can make my own Ben n´Jerry´s xD. The party was a blast, though me and my friend had to walk back. Snow had started falling two days before that and the roads were all iced (when there isn´t a whole lot of snow things get slippery around here) over. And since we had to bike back we decided walking would be smarter. of course it´s about 4 km and we were wearing heels, so by time we got home (roughly an hour) our calves, muscles that is, were killing us. By now of course over 20 cm of snow has fallen and it´s going to keep on snowing till christmas xD.

Which is fun and not so much fun since I got roped into dogwalking duty for my uncle´s dog. Normally I enjoy it, their dog´s a real sweetpea and she´s been well-trained to listen to your commands, but most of my neighbourhood is so covered in snow that deciding where sidewalks end and gardens/roads begin is becoming diffcult, not to mention walking around in all that snow.

Also I have to pick my gran up from her house this Thursday, by foot, because she can´t bike her way over her, and letting her walk by herself with her bag and other stuff isn´t such a good idea. I just thank my mother daily for having thought of buying me snowboots two years ago, and the fact that they still fit and have got detachable spikes.

So how´ve you all been? Anything exciting happen in bandom that I completely missed?
Free hugsz
22nd-Dec-2009 12:39 am (UTC)
i have seen pictures of pete wentz with his face all bruised & bleeding & have yet to know what happened. otherwise it's all quiet on the bandom-front.
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