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Nifty vs Nefarious
Watch me fight my own insanity....
I ssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...damn 
18th-Oct-2009 09:09 pm
Whoa, it's been a while again. I've been up to my ears in essays. Finished one shitty one, which barely got a pass and am now working on the second. I got about 16 hours left and 300 words left to write and no real inspiration. Not yet that is. I'll listen to some FOB and wham there she blows. or not :P.

For the rest, I got a job, I'm a checkout chick now in the busiest store in the country. It's at Utrecht Central, which is a train station, and it's called AH to go, which is technically a store which belongs to our National train services but sells products in name of the AH (supermarket round here, really popular). It's rediculously overpriced, but it's easy and convenient and is in the middle of the station hall where all the train exits/entrances are. Meaning that we get about 12.000 (yeah you read that right THOUSAND!) to 14.000 customers a day. We're open 7 days a week, 19 hours a day, save for friday to saturday when we're open the entire night.

Which translates to: I'm working for minimum wage, my feet hurt, but fuck yes I'm at least getting paid now. Not that I really need to get paid, but it's nice to have some spending money.

Of course when I get money I do indeed spend it. I just bought a Samsung star phone (it's one of those deal things, 2 years monthly pay, phone and texting/calling for free) and am planning on getting an ipod classic next week (as well as a dress, because....it's a dress) because my old 2 gig zen stone broke and is now literally being held together by band aids (which is sad, same happened to my phone actually. Let's not mention how clumsy I am okay?).

I also have epic plans for my personal library. I remodel-ed my room a while ago (meaning I bought new bookcases, new sheets and rearranged some shit) and got the sudden urge to buy new books. By now I've racked up a 40 book wish list and I'm not yet seeing an end to it. Not to mention the yarn I still want to buy and the...

Did I mention I have spending drift? :P.

How you all been?

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