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Nifty vs Nefarious
Watch me fight my own insanity....
Okay no go? 
13th-Apr-2009 12:51 am
Okay no Lj sprawl tonight since I'm tired and Layout designing takes the liveliness right out of me. So it's nearly off to bed with me. But not before doing some things.

First of all, the last two Douglas Adams Audio books. Now I did upload the first three and posted them, but forgot to post the last two. Meaning that I did upload them back then, but completely forgot. Sorry 'bout that. I was so scatterbrained back then that I really did forget. I came across them two days ago. *bangs head into wall*

So here are the next two:

Book four:So Long, and Thanks for All of the Fish.
part one
part two
part three
part four
part five

Book five: Mostly Harmless
part one
part two
part three
part four
part five

My reasons for absence are pretty much of the same old routine. I had debate and school.
Debating season is now well and truly over, and I really don't want to ever debate again, at least not this school year.
We ended first in one of the debates, the UCU one, and I ended 4th with my team in that one. The next one we made second. So all in all it was time well spent.

I've also been having midterms, though technically I'm still having them. Due to the Easter holidays they had to split our midterm week into two weeks. Which means I've had time off since Wednesday and will have time of until next Wednesday, when I have my last midterm. School doesn't start again until the 20th, and ends once more on the 30th. All in all I have about 3/2.5 weeks of school left (13 actual days) before I have to start the exams. On the 18th of may I have my first exam, which I think is something horrendous like economics 1,2. (really 700 pages is WAY too much to study).

Along with the midterms and debate I've also been knitting up a storm. I'm making this thing: Shipwreck Shawl,w looks like this, for me. I've named it: Derelict de la Côte d'Azur. I'm not sure if that is spelled correctly so if anybody wants to come in on that, you'd be very welcome.
I'm already at the beading part though and it's so annoying, but soooo worth it. It's le pretty, and the yarn I'm using is dark blue with subtle tints of light blue running through it and it's very nom nom nom.

But my gran is expecting me to knit her a Heartland Shawl, which looks like this, for her birthday, so I need to get cracking on that as well (I need to 12 repeats, and I have 3 done -_-) Which means soon the Derelict will have to be put aside. Also because:

I've committed myself to knit two fish hats, see pattern, one for Jorne (In dark blue, beige, dark grey and olive green) and one for Rebecca in baby pink, hot pink and black. They're done on the 5mm needles and only take about two days a piece, but I do need the 5mm for the Derelict soon and I already have 1/8th of a fish hat on them. Meaning that the fish hats come before the Derelict.

I'm also still working on my Vitis vinifera gloves, which go with my Vitis Vinifera cowl (no really I've been totes productive ;)). They're fingered gloves, or gloves with fingers, whatever you prefer. The pattern isn't actually called that. It's the noble cowl from ravelry (if anybody's interested I'll pass you the link/pdf file, it's free), and it's got a shield pattern on it. It's done in malabrigo worsted, which is very soft, in the colour way grape, so that's where the name comes from. I was going to do a Möbius cowl, but it turned out ugly and I frogged the thing and made a complementary glove/cowl set. Or, well, am making since the gloves aren't done yet (I messed the left one up and need to redo three fingers -_-)

And finally but not least. I still have to knit two socks, since I knit the left sock of two patterns but conveniently forgot to do the right socks of both. I have been wearing those two though, even though one is light blue/brown/beige and the other is dark blue with forest green and purple, and one is nice and lacy and the other is dense ribbing. Yes well, I wear jeans, nobody will notice. Also my feet are humongous, you try knitting for those ;). (size 11/12 :D)

And all of this I'd like to have done before I graduate on the 1st of July. You heard me say when. Yes I am that confident. My chances of failing are very low. I'm only failing Dutch atm I think, due to my hatred for it's grammatical/spelling rules and thus I scored a 25 out of 100 on that particular test. (No, really, you'd hate it too, it's mental). When I say failing I mean I have the bare minimum needed for not failing (60 out of 100), or something a bit above that. I didn't check my debate mark yet, so I suppose it's not that bad ;).

Fine I'm going to graduate no matter what, we're all clear on that? :)

Also Buddha and Karin are officially a couple, so let's applaud them. I've become their relationship councillor, due to me being his sister figure and me being her friend. We're nearly treading the vast TMI land already and it's only been a week. So if anybody wants to like donate a puking bowl any time soon, you'd be, or, it'd, be very welcome. (No really, I don't want to hear about that just yet tyvm)

I've gone back to obsessing about Mad Hatter, which I'm very good at. I'm going to try actually looking/staring at him soon, and see if he is willing to acknowledge my presence. My goal is to have one normal conversation with that kid before he graduates (next year July). Never going to happen of course, but we all need goals.

Last but not least, FANDOM.
I've been getting into Merlin fandom, though I've only seen up to episode 5 or 6 so far (the one where Merlin drinks the poison and Arthur tries to save him one). I'm a slasher already over there, Merlin/Arthur that is, so sorry people who play them. Also I want to cuddle with Merlin's voice. I've got a thing for voices and his is...worthy for the collection (nearly everybody's in it. It's not really that exclusive unless you're that broad from friends who has that high pitched voice, Janice or whatshername, Chandler's annoying ex. She's not allowed in).

Also, big bang theory Fandom :D. I'm in love with Raj and Sheldon, though Sheldon comes first, becaus HELLO HOT OCD MAN! Not that I'm really into OCD dudes, but damn Jim parson plays him well. And just, DAMN JIM PARSONS.

Of course Leonard, Penny (hot woman? y/n? I'm not an expert, though I find her adorable) and Howie are all equally cute as well ;).

Sadly I've also found my niche in Twilight Fandom. Horrendous isn't it? I merely like books for their writing style, which results in an easy read. The plot and its development is rather, well bad and cliché ridden, not to mention rather sexist. But because of that I've taken a shine to Bella/Jasper fan fiction. Mainly due to one fic I've read which had Edward being a jealous cunt and trying to restrict Bella in all of these rules because he "loves her" and then she tends to tell him to go stuff his rules up his arse. Fun times indeed ;).

Yeah well that was about it for today ;). I'll speak to all y'all tomorrow :D.
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