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Nifty vs Nefarious
Watch me fight my own insanity....
6th-Oct-2018 02:46 pm - F-lock

it's a really cool picture. And the rest is mostly f-locked. Friend if you want to, I don't mind. Who wants a banana?
Warning: Some things might be capslock heavy. The internet(s) has forever ruined me in terms of speaking in a normal way. Or typing. Content might also be odd? weird? Not of much content. The only highly intelligent thing I ever wrote was either the porn or the introduction  to the dutch school system. 

Ask me post!
Music recovery project

I've also spread myself out over the world, bit by bit and slowly but not so surely. I'm just the pieces of a scattered  image of myself.

Here is where you can find the rest of me.

Blaine's sage advice
14th-Oct-2011 04:37 pm - Bigbang: Lost then found
And I did another one :). What can I say, I love me some big bangs

This is for the fic: Lost then found by Gwennylou

Download here

Yellow - Vitamin String Quartet (Wedding song)

Cheers Darling - Damien Rice

Cheers darlin'
Here's to you and your lover boy
Cheers darlin'
I got years to wait around for you
Cheers darling
I've got your wedding bells in my ear

Gotta have you - The weepies

No amount of coffee, no amount of crying
No amount of whiskey, no amount of wine
No, no, no, no, no,
nothing else will do
I've gotta have you, I've gotta have you.

Your Surrender - Neon Trees

Oh, how long till your surrender?
It's a long way for heartbreak
Let your heart wait and bleed
Oh, how long till your surrender to me?

White blank page - Mumford and Sons

You did not think when you sent me to the brink,
the brink
You desired my attention but
denied my affections, affections
But tell me now where was my fault,
in loving you with my whole heart.

Pictures on your Skin - Anouk

When I kiss the pictures on your skin
Make me shiver with the fire
Let me kiss the pictures on your skin

We've got a big mess - The Academy is...

I’ve got that lefty curse
Where everything I do is flipped
And awkwardly reversed

You’re seldom known and barely missed
I always put myself
In destructive situations
I need oxygen

To be exposed where no one goes, where no one’s been
When it all comes crashing...

Love, Selfish Love - Patrick Stump

Cause I've always been stronger than that
Hold the weight of the world on my back
It's just love, selfish love
Love, selfish love

Nantes - Beirut

Well it's been a long time, long time now
since I've seen you smile
and I'll gamble away my fright
and I'll gamble away my time
and in a year, a year or so
this will slip into the sea

Tender - Blur

Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing

Many of Horror - Biffy Clyro

Our broken fairytale, so hard to hide
I still believe, it's you and me till the tend of time
When we collide we come together
if we don't we'll always be apart

One is the loneliest number -

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
Two can be as bad as one
It's the loneliest number since the number one

No is the saddest experience you'll ever know
Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know

It is you (I have loved ) - Dana Glover

It's no more mystery
It is finally clear to me
You're the home my heart searched for so long
And it is you I have loved all along

Lost then found - Leona Lewis ft One Republic

Staring at tears on the pages
Of letters that I never could've write
Now I know love isn't painless,
but it's worth the risk,
it's worth the fight
Playing it over and over
I wish that I could turn back time, baby
We were wrong, but we could be right

When I need you - Leo sayer

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all that I so want to give you
It's only a heartbeat away

Enjoy :)

Blaine's sage advice
14th-Oct-2011 03:00 pm - Diamond in the rough
Goodday my Lovelys, ITS BIG BANG TIME:
and here is the fanmix for

Diamond in the rough by the lovely Gageslove

Download here
The songs on the A-side loosely follow the scenes from Aladdin. The b-sides are the actual songs from aladding (all property belonging to disney, yaydadadada)

Nature Boy - Moulin Rouge (Aladdin/intro song)

And then one day, A magic day, he came my way
And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
This he said to me:
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn,
is just to love and be loved in return "

The Old Castle - Mussorgsky (Jafar)

This one has no lyrics, but is appropriately creepy ;). It's set before the opening of the giant cave.

My Town - Racoon (Aladdin)

Yeah they run, run, run, run
Oh man, that’s just not me
I know you disagree
But I'll stay here in
My town, my little town
My little town, my town, this is my town

Nobody's Wife - Anouk (Jasmine)

It's too bad, but hey, that's me
what goes around comes around, you'll see
that I can carry the burden of pain
'cause it ain't the first time that a man goes insane
and when I spread my wings to embrace him for life
I'm suckin' out his love, I, I'll never be nobody's wife

Ever fallen in love - Pete Yorn (Aladdin)

Ever fallen in love
In love with someone
You shouldn’t’ve fallen in love with

All star - SMash Mouth (Genie)

You'll never know if you don't go
You'll never shine if you don't glow
Hey now you're an All Star get your game on, go play
Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

She hates me - Puddle of Mud (Aladdin)

She fucking hates me
she fucking hates me
la la la love
I tried too hard
and she tore my feelings like I had none
and ripped them away

10.000 nights - Alphabeat (Aladdin/Jasmin)
I was looking for a decent boy
For a tender glance
For a safety dance

The wuthering heights
And the stormy nights

You give me 10.000 nights of thunder
But I will give them all back to you

Lovers in a dangerous time - Barenaked ladies (Aladdin/Jasmin)

When you're lovers in a dangerous time
Sometimes you're made to feel as if your love's a crime
Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight
When you're lovers in a dangerous time

Rabbit Heart - Florence and the Machine (Jasmine)

This is a gift, it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight

Joker and the thief -Wolfmother (Aladdin)

He's always laughing in the midst of power
are we living in the final hour
there is always sweet in sour

So, we are not goin' home

Feels just like it should - Jamiroquai (Genie)

I'm throwing out my laser beam
To shoot some cherries down
I pick a little free agent
I've got myself a five mile smile

So take me for the first time
I need a little sugar spice
I wanna see the city lights
I'm gonna find a lover

Enjoy ;).

30th-Nov-2010 11:31 pm - Oh no...I didn't?
I MADE ICONS. And they are rediculously kurtofsky themed. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

crack!icons, just so you can lol your way throuhg making them. SHARE AND ENJOY!

Total Icon Count: 38


Icons Here!Collapse )
Blaine's sage advice
28th-Nov-2010 09:43 pm - You make me CRAZY
 Was that as good for you as it was for me? The wall's killing my back though. 

The party was amazing, amazingly cracky that is. I mean, how do you describe a party that has straight men grinding up against each other whilst they're dressed as women, to the beat of california girls? Crackfest '11 me thinks. 

I didn't really dress up as a dude, because I'm masculine enough as is. ;) (built like a linebacker, albeit one with magnificent tits. wait what? BAD BRAIN!) I made an attempt, in the form of piano key suspenders and some neckties, but every single girl out there was wearing suspenders. I say girl, I mean man. I don't even know anymore. Some of those dudes looked mighty fine in their girl get ups though, so I might start gettin hot and bothered over trannies next. Sexual frustration, I has it. TMI? I live in the land of TMI, sorry ;). 

So the party was cool, or well the people dressing up were. The music sorta started to suck like henry the hoover about halfway though, and everything but beer was a bit overpriced, but I danced my ass off so all is good. No really, I had muscle ache in my HIPS, for crying out loud. Still do actually. That's what you get from shaking those babies for too long.  

The best part of the night was the 2 hours we spent freezing our asses off on a bench in grand central station like 2 hobo's. You see, the party was over at 4, but the first train home wasn't until 6, so we had to spend 2 hours waiting, and since we couldn't really walk anymore, or my friend couldn't since she had been danging on 3" heels, we decided to plonk down on a bench in the grand hall of Utrecht Central railway station. Apparently they still serve you hot coco at 4 AM, so we decided to camp out there and get the occasional refill;). Then at about a quarter past we met the most amazing dudes ever.

They were wasted, or well one of them was, the other was getting there. I still don't remember their names, but they came up to us with the following news:  "LADIES, we're going to, wait for it, BERLIN!" " wait, do we need passports for that?"
us: "Eh yeah dudes, kinda do. I mean it's the EU and all, but if you're flying..." 
Them: "Okay, okay, here's what we'll do, we're gonna ask those railroad workin people if they know what to do, and then we'll come back to chat" 
Us: "Eh....good luck with that?  "Karin, they're batshit and they're drunk" Karin: "I know, isn't it amazing xD" I <3 that girl ;)

They came back with the news that they were now going to Barcelona instead, for reasons still unknown to all of us.

The conversation that ensued, though,  was filled with the stupidest jokes known to man, as well as fight club and Christiane F references. One of them liked to pretend he was confused about his sexuality to score with chicks, so he was a bit of a douche, but he also liked macking on dudes, so I'm not sure wth that was all about. He was hilarious though, and had the world's fluffiest scarf. The other one managed to end up underneath my blanket (yes I took a blankie, it was freezing outside) and nearly fell asleep on me. Cue the d'awww ness. Sadly their train left an hour before ours did, so our time was cut short. Maybe it was for the best. 
Still feel stupid for forgetting their names.

Dear brain, why so faily?  
Blaine&#39;s sage advice
25th-Nov-2010 09:51 pm - PSSSTTT
Quickie post up against the wall tonight!

I'm a kurtofsky shipper now. Don't ask me why, my brain just wants it to happen. *secret chubby chaser has surfaced*


I'm going to a party tonight. In my uni city. It's till 4 and there'll be no train back till like...6. Oh yes and it'll be freezing+snow xD.
Guess the theme though!

That's right.
TRANNY PARTY! shake it shake it shake it your man thang in a dress. (I'm going with plaid top, army boots and piano key suspenders. BECAUSE I CAN ;))
Blaine&#39;s sage advice
Album Cover 

Song list/Commentary
I'm not quite sure why I wanted to do this post. Perhaps it was to convey my thought processes, or maybe just because... Well really I don't know, but here goes ;)

Oh I do suggest reading the fic first while listening to all the songs, before you read this, because..SPOILER ALERT!

Fractured Fairy Tale Song - Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens

This song just screams fairy tale to me, and for some of you probably will too. And we can all blame Disney for that. This song is what the Belle and the Beast theme song was based on, and ever since I discovered the original I've been struck by its lovely sound. When I saw what the authors of this fic were planning to write this is the first thing that came to mind and the rest just followed from that.

Introducing Queen Penelope - Killer Queen, by Queen

How could I not? I think Queen was completely right in their description of this fictional queen:

Playful as a pussy cat
Then momentarily out of action Temporarily out of gas
To absolutely drive you wild, wild
She's out to get you
Guaranteed to blow your mind

Forbidden Forest Theme - Violin Concerto in G Minor, The Four Seasons, Summer, 3. Presto, from Vivaldi’s four Season’s

The forbidden forest mentioned in the fic is ominous, majestic, creepy as heck what with its evil wizard inside, or at least that's what the rumours tell the people of Pasadenamark. But when Queen Penelope actually goes in there she realizes that it isn't that scary, that is until she gets captured.

So I wanted to portray the forest as not exactly...evil, but there should definitely be an undercurrent of impending "doom" so to speak. And well, I heard this and there you go ;).

Penelope's Tenacity - My life, by Anouk

This one was inspired by the fact that Penelope decides to take off and see her kingdom, without the constricting role of Queen hanging around here, several times actually.

Sir Leonardo's Lament - The Blower's Daughter

Sir Leonardo is portrayed as the valiant knight who is completely in love with his queen and has been ever since he laid eyes on her. He can't take his eyes off of her, literally.
But sadly their love is not meant to be. Life goes on, maybe he'll finally realize that there are other fish in Pasadenamark's sea. Maybe.

Sheldor's Memory - Newgrange, by Celtic woman

The events that led to Sheldor taking the forest for his own were mostly started by his ire over the fact that Penelope's parents had cut the funding for the Magical Arts program in Pasadenamark. This song is a sort of mix between memory and fantasy. In it Sheldor sort of remembers what Pasadenamark was like when it was filled with magic, and probably imagines it should be like again.

Sheldor's Resolution - Hope on fire, by Vienna Teng

This song is inspired by the fact that Sheldor actually decides to actively do something about the magic situation, and ends up building a contraption that should convince the King and Queen to reinstitute the magic program. The song's beat also gives the impression that he's busy thinking, working, moving towards his goal.

You're a one-man shift in the weather

Les von Winkle's Revenge - Bust the windows out your car, Amber Riley

Sadly Les von Winkle doesn't like to be ignored, especially not for a Queen. Hurt and angry she goes as far as stealing Sheldor's invention and using it against him. For a normal man busting his car up is bad enough, but for somebody like Sheldor what Les von Winkle did meant the ultimate betrayal. At least she got her revenge ;).

Stephanie's Plea - You gotta choose, by Fink

Doctor Steph falls in love with the most valiant knight in the kingdom. Sadly the man she falls in love with thinks he's already in love. So what's a girl to do? Tell him he's gotta choose.

Penelope's Predicament - Royal Pain, by the Eels

Inspired by the fact that nearly everybody seems to think that Penelope's been kidnapped and needs saving. Even though by now she's quite willing to go wherever with Sheldor, or rather quite content to drag him along on her crazy journey ;). (also about Sheldor's attempts to get by with at least a bit of his pride intact ;))

Bernadetta Sees - Jigsaw Falling into Place

I imagine this song to be about the moment Bernadetta realizes her Queen is in no danger (and might even be in love with the wizard) and then her worries just sort of...slip away.

Jigsaw falling into place
There's nothing to explain
Regard each other as you pass
She looks back, you look back
not just once, not just twice,

wish away nightmare, wish away nightmare
you got a light, you can feel it on your back
jigsaw falling into place.

Wizard's Ending - Losing Streak

And he got the girl ;). And his wish of magic finally being reinstated. Seems like Sheldor's losing streak is finally over

Wolowizard's Ego, It's only me (the wizard of Magicland), by the barenaked ladies.

Well Wolowizard does actually speak as a guy who's really got it going on ;).
It's a sort of bonus track, if you will.

Henchmen Song - With little help from my friends, by the Beatles

The ultimate friendship, or should I say Henchmen?, song. I imagine this is mostly about the moozers, because, well, technically the Raj and Wolowizard abandoned Sheldor.

Emma's Lullaby - Over the rainbow, Glee cast

I imagine Emma's parents singing this to her, in lieu of Soft kitty ;).
Blaine&#39;s sage advice
13th-Jul-2010 05:57 pm - ITS ALIVE
Oh yes I am, alive that is. So yeah first year of uni went well. I managed to get succeed for all subjects with about a...7.5 out of 10 on average so I'm happy. It was also really interesting and I do feel like I know more, especially about language. I recommend doing a course in linguistics, it's quite fun ;).

As to my social life. I made some good friends at uni and will be going to castlefest with some of them in August. As to my high-school friends. K and J want to go away for a weekend or midweek and while I'm totally on that, I really want to go to Stockholm or Dublin, and both have rather expensive plain tickets, so I'm not too sure that'll happen this year. Next year I'm definitely going to Dublin though, because the Irish? The Irish are hot ;).

As to my LJ life. I didn't really log in or check up on you guys all that much. Sorry :(. I just got caught up in real life so much. Though I must admit these past few weeks the lure of LJ has been ahrd to resist. I did log in quite a lot, but that was to satisfy my fic needs (penny/Sheldon, Arthur/merlin, Ron/draco and KIRK/SPOCK reboot universe, because pine and quinto are hot...ahem) :(.

For now though, for now it's summer. And this summer I will FINALLY try to lose some weight. I've had it with the flab and the stares. Also I want to rock a corset. I'm not going to post my current weight, because even I find it..well embarrassing, but I will post my weight loss ;).

So current weight loss is: 0 pounds ;)

I will be posting on a weekly basis, possibly Fridays, since that's when I'll try to weigh myself. For now I'm off to make me some homemade iced tea (without sugar ;))

Talk to you guys later!

p.s. is anybody interested in my tumblr posts about knitting? I update more over there, so if anybody wants to see what I'm up to, go find me on tumblr: knittedfuin. ;)
22nd-Dec-2009 03:48 am - Can I get your number baby....

Anyways, to recap the past two months:

I still can't write essays, or my tutor hates me, it's one of those two.
I've somehow dropped out of bandom (still love everybody in it, the bands and LJ people), because I....I really don't know why. Time's been odd lately.
I quite my job, I hated it and it showed and then I just told my manager and wham I was without job. This impacted my financial situation somewhat, but I'm good now (not going clubbing/to bars helps in that aspect, must do that more often).
The study so far has been great, I'm doing well in my academic classes, which deal with literature, but my language skills need some work.

Apparently my accent has shifted to Mid-Atlantic. While I was worried about somehow having picked up a Greenland accent (that's somewhere near the middle, non?), it wasn't that. Mid- Atlantic means that I somehow managed to mix American and British and it sounds...well it sounds okay to me, but my tutor, the one that hates me, thinks it's absolutely horrendous. I don't really care, save for the fact that I need to get it fixed to pass this course (or something like it) of Spoken English, because I´m in the RP group.(If I was in the Gen. American group I´d probably have issues as well, because I can´t twang like ya´ll can ;))

Ehm, what else. Oh yes! There are far too many hot men at my study, though probably all taken, the hottest is anyways (sideburns, HE HAS SIDEBURNS....I´m melting)<.

My cat is still fat, and is starting to look like a little piggie, but one that walks oddly. Our christmas tree is technically speaking too large for our house, seeing as it´s crammed up to the ceiling and you can´t sit on part of the couch. However the house does smell like it, so all´s forgiven.

I had a sinterchristmas party last Saturday (St. Nicolas and Christmas rolled into one) and got an amazing present: The Ben and Jerry´s dessert cook/recipe book. All I need now is an icemaker and I can make my own Ben n´Jerry´s xD. The party was a blast, though me and my friend had to walk back. Snow had started falling two days before that and the roads were all iced (when there isn´t a whole lot of snow things get slippery around here) over. And since we had to bike back we decided walking would be smarter. of course it´s about 4 km and we were wearing heels, so by time we got home (roughly an hour) our calves, muscles that is, were killing us. By now of course over 20 cm of snow has fallen and it´s going to keep on snowing till christmas xD.

Which is fun and not so much fun since I got roped into dogwalking duty for my uncle´s dog. Normally I enjoy it, their dog´s a real sweetpea and she´s been well-trained to listen to your commands, but most of my neighbourhood is so covered in snow that deciding where sidewalks end and gardens/roads begin is becoming diffcult, not to mention walking around in all that snow.

Also I have to pick my gran up from her house this Thursday, by foot, because she can´t bike her way over her, and letting her walk by herself with her bag and other stuff isn´t such a good idea. I just thank my mother daily for having thought of buying me snowboots two years ago, and the fact that they still fit and have got detachable spikes.

So how´ve you all been? Anything exciting happen in bandom that I completely missed?
Free hugsz
18th-Oct-2009 09:09 pm - I ssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...damn
Whoa, it's been a while again. I've been up to my ears in essays. Finished one shitty one, which barely got a pass and am now working on the second. I got about 16 hours left and 300 words left to write and no real inspiration. Not yet that is. I'll listen to some FOB and wham there she blows. or not :P.

For the rest, I got a job, I'm a checkout chick now in the busiest store in the country. It's at Utrecht Central, which is a train station, and it's called AH to go, which is technically a store which belongs to our National train services but sells products in name of the AH (supermarket round here, really popular). It's rediculously overpriced, but it's easy and convenient and is in the middle of the station hall where all the train exits/entrances are. Meaning that we get about 12.000 (yeah you read that right THOUSAND!) to 14.000 customers a day. We're open 7 days a week, 19 hours a day, save for friday to saturday when we're open the entire night.

Which translates to: I'm working for minimum wage, my feet hurt, but fuck yes I'm at least getting paid now. Not that I really need to get paid, but it's nice to have some spending money.

Of course when I get money I do indeed spend it. I just bought a Samsung star phone (it's one of those deal things, 2 years monthly pay, phone and texting/calling for free) and am planning on getting an ipod classic next week (as well as a dress, because....it's a dress) because my old 2 gig zen stone broke and is now literally being held together by band aids (which is sad, same happened to my phone actually. Let's not mention how clumsy I am okay?).

I also have epic plans for my personal library. I remodel-ed my room a while ago (meaning I bought new bookcases, new sheets and rearranged some shit) and got the sudden urge to buy new books. By now I've racked up a 40 book wish list and I'm not yet seeing an end to it. Not to mention the yarn I still want to buy and the...

Did I mention I have spending drift? :P.

How you all been?

Blaine&#39;s sage advice
30th-Sep-2009 07:54 pm - College girls
Hello all. This is me procrastinating.

Damn these past few weeks have been hectic. I thought college was you know the party life, so far it's only been a shitload of public transport, blisters and essays. DEAR LORD THE ESSAYS. I have to write three this semester, and while they're not particularly long I have issues with inspiration. I have these moments when the inspiration just pores from my brain and things go wonderful and after that there's this brick wall of writers block. Which is crap when you have deadlines (Did I mention those? Because if not, FUCK THERE ARE A LOT OF DEADLINES. Well at least that's out there now) and need coffee to stay awake (on that note...)

My goal of tonight is to have my essay finished by 10 PM (I only have to do the introduction and conclusion, so no worries), and since I've only got 2 hours left it's time to start cracking.

But before I go, How have you all been? And please tell me I'm not the only farmville addict! ;)
Blaine&#39;s sage advice
9th-Jul-2009 03:20 am - Asleep or dead
I must apologize. I have this nasty habit of saying one thing and then doing nothing about it.

I think I promised I'd come back to haunt you all, but didn't. It's not that I don't like you all, I do, some of you are very dear to me, your words and thoughts influence me greatly and bring me laughter and insights I might not yet have considered.

And though I could come up with many excuses for not coming back, exams being a big one, Sheldon/penny fic being another (As well as merlin fic, epic HP and LOTR fic reading, books, knitting, etc.

I don't know what to say. I just lost fodder to talk about. Well, consider that part ended at the very least.

Even though I don't try to follow the news, news has its ways of following me. As well as shit. Shit and news happen to me in ways I'm not entirely comfortable with. Often they're the same thing.

so yeah, I heard. I heard MJ died, which saddened me and caused me to skip past his folder on my mp3thingumabob for the past week (no more though, my condolences to his family).

And though MJ's death should cause a greater effect in me, Panic's breakup was like the herald of ragnarok. WTF just happened. That's what I've been thinking. I love this band, it's music, it's lyrics and now one of the things that made panic, panic, is no longer there. I don't know the exact reasons for their break up. I wish to though, I think everybody does. I want to know like burning, but simultaneously know I will never know, not really. I've heard rumours though, since nobody is buying the "musical differences" bit. I don't know if they're true, but I hardly doubt the pictures are not, photo manips are easy yes, but I doubt they're fake. Time will telll, and maybe it won't.

I am devastated though, I so desired to see them in concert, live, to experience what so many of you already have. I know this might sound weird, but to me bandom is still rather intangible, due to the sheer distance involved. It's not that I feel left out or anything, or that I want ot meet every single person in bandom (I totally do, since they're like the harbringers of awesome, but it's never gonna happen), I just wish to see them live. Not many of them tour Europe, FOB seems to be one of the few who does, and if they do, they rarely do my country at all. Okay fine, we're tiny, about the size of New Jersey State, but hey they do jersey don't they?

That said.

It feels as if a part of bandom is now lost. I think I get what people may have felt when tom conrad left/was kicked from (no really I don't know what happened there) TAI. And though he's come back, with friends through the Empires, things changed. And change, well it takes getting used to. Which is what I'm doing, getting used to it.

And I fucking hate that. (because everything is changing right now, my life, my school, my friends, my thoughts, I hate it, and yet it has to happen. We cant stay stagnant forever)

This made no sense, but its out there at the least. How have you all been?
Blaine&#39;s sage advice
13th-Apr-2009 12:51 am - Okay no go?
Okay no Lj sprawl tonight since I'm tired and Layout designing takes the liveliness right out of me. So it's nearly off to bed with me. But not before doing some things.

First of all, the last two Douglas Adams Audio books. Now I did upload the first three and posted them, but forgot to post the last two. Meaning that I did upload them back then, but completely forgot. Sorry 'bout that. I was so scatterbrained back then that I really did forget. I came across them two days ago. *bangs head into wall*

So here are the next two:
Read more...Collapse )

My reasons for absence are pretty much of the same old routine. I had debate and school.
Debating season is now well and truly over, and I really don't want to ever debate again, at least not this school year.
We ended first in one of the debates, the UCU one, and I ended 4th with my team in that one. The next one we made second. So all in all it was time well spent.

I've also been having midterms, though technically I'm still having them. Due to the Easter holidays they had to split our midterm week into two weeks. Which means I've had time off since Wednesday and will have time of until next Wednesday, when I have my last midterm. School doesn't start again until the 20th, and ends once more on the 30th. All in all I have about 3/2.5 weeks of school left (13 actual days) before I have to start the exams. On the 18th of may I have my first exam, which I think is something horrendous like economics 1,2. (really 700 pages is WAY too much to study).

Read more...Collapse )

And all of this I'd like to have done before I graduate on the 1st of July. You heard me say when. Yes I am that confident. My chances of failing are very low. I'm only failing Dutch atm I think, due to my hatred for it's grammatical/spelling rules and thus I scored a 25 out of 100 on that particular test. (No, really, you'd hate it too, it's mental). When I say failing I mean I have the bare minimum needed for not failing (60 out of 100), or something a bit above that. I didn't check my debate mark yet, so I suppose it's not that bad ;).

Fine I'm going to graduate no matter what, we're all clear on that? :)

Also Buddha and Karin are officially a couple, so let's applaud them. I've become their relationship councillor, due to me being his sister figure and me being her friend. We're nearly treading the vast TMI land already and it's only been a week. So if anybody wants to like donate a puking bowl any time soon, you'd be, or, it'd, be very welcome. (No really, I don't want to hear about that just yet tyvm)

I've gone back to obsessing about Mad Hatter, which I'm very good at. I'm going to try actually looking/staring at him soon, and see if he is willing to acknowledge my presence. My goal is to have one normal conversation with that kid before he graduates (next year July). Never going to happen of course, but we all need goals.

Last but not least, FANDOM.
I've been getting into Merlin fandom, though I've only seen up to episode 5 or 6 so far (the one where Merlin drinks the poison and Arthur tries to save him one). I'm a slasher already over there, Merlin/Arthur that is, so sorry people who play them. Also I want to cuddle with Merlin's voice. I've got a thing for voices and his is...worthy for the collection (nearly everybody's in it. It's not really that exclusive unless you're that broad from friends who has that high pitched voice, Janice or whatshername, Chandler's annoying ex. She's not allowed in).

Also, big bang theory Fandom :D. I'm in love with Raj and Sheldon, though Sheldon comes first, becaus HELLO HOT OCD MAN! Not that I'm really into OCD dudes, but damn Jim parson plays him well. And just, DAMN JIM PARSONS.

Read more...Collapse )
Of course Leonard, Penny (hot woman? y/n? I'm not an expert, though I find her adorable) and Howie are all equally cute as well ;).

Sadly I've also found my niche in Twilight Fandom. Horrendous isn't it? I merely like books for their writing style, which results in an easy read. The plot and its development is rather, well bad and cliché ridden, not to mention rather sexist. But because of that I've taken a shine to Bella/Jasper fan fiction. Mainly due to one fic I've read which had Edward being a jealous cunt and trying to restrict Bella in all of these rules because he "loves her" and then she tends to tell him to go stuff his rules up his arse. Fun times indeed ;).

Yeah well that was about it for today ;). I'll speak to all y'all tomorrow :D.
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12th-Apr-2009 09:47 pm - Renovating
Hy hy hy. I've been neglecting you all, and I feel bad about that.
So you know what?
Imma go and redo my layout
then I will comment on all y'all's (someone tell me I got that one right) LJ's and apologize etc etc and do some updates about what I'm doing right now ;). Brb with you guys in like....an hour or five (Yes I'm on a schedule here, but I'll probably BREAK IT)
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1st-Apr-2009 04:20 pm - EPIC MUSIC RECOVERY LIST
Since i fail at recovering and backing up and what not, I now have to recover my hard disk, more specific: my music folder. Which was epic imo, because I tend to go for entire discographies (greedy greedy)

Here i'll keep track of what I have recovered, what's being recovered and what's not yet found to be recovered. In orderly lists? Somewhat ordely lists I guess.

If you want to help out you're very welcome(!), as in epically welcome. 
 Not yet recovered
  1. Aerosmith,Alice cooper, Ani defranco, The beatles, Black eyed peas, Bloc party,  Bright eyes, Cranberries, Di-rect, Eminem, Evanescence, Jimi Hendrix,  Justin timberlake,, Led zeppelin,  Live, Metallica,  , Motley crue,  Nirvana,  The Offspring, Pearl jam, Patrick bruel, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Poe, Pointer sisters, The prodigy, Pussycat dolls, Queen,The Ramones Roxette, Rolling stones, , Smash mouth monkeys, The smiths, Snow patrol, The sounds, Stereophonics,  The strokes, Tom waits3 Vienna teng, Weepies, The white stripes, Within temptation,Alles is liefde OST, All dogs go to heaven OST,

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