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Nifty vs Nefarious
Watch me fight my own insanity....
01. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
02. I will respond by asking you ANY five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
03. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
04. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
05. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
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Just me, some friends, some beaches, some mountains, good weather, a couple of guitars, bottles of booze and firelight and I´ll die a happy lady ;)
Blaine's sage advice
8th-Mar-2009 11:37 pm - Oh happy day
Well not really, but I must not go back on my words, or well title.

I am experimenting with masks,which has led me to think my mom and stepdad are going to become annoyed soon. This doesn't inherently make sense but will soon, bear with me here.

First of all when I'm at school I am more or less permanently in a state of ecstatic-ness. Mainly because I am happy to see people etc, but also because being cranky is dangerous at school.

Years ago I imposed certain rules on myself , such as no crying on school premises. Soon that turned into no crying unless you're in deep shit or reading depressing fic about death or heartbreak. Consequently when people see me cry they immediately think the worst when there is no book around (people being parents). I'm getting of track here.

So yeah the rules. I'm a bit of a social reclusive person. It takes me a while to acclimatize to certain social settings thus causing me to rather observe than actively participate. After 5.6 years of high school I feel comfy enough around there to sort of be myself. Save for one thing, which I call the happiness clause.

Somewhere along the lines I mandated myself to not be cranky or angry on school premises. Everyone has their days but I try to avoid mine as much as possible. I'm not sure why but I get the feeling that if I were to act upon some of my more negative urges and mood swings people would get very angry with me. Mainly because I am the kind of girl who will tell somebody that they should stop telling me about their latest conquest because A) I think they're a slut and B) you're still seeing that dude from two years ago and C) that's just not fair for him even if D) he's a dickhead. And most of the chicks I know are of the prissy judgemental oh look at me I am holier than Thou variety whilst condeming all that act like that or of the low esteem variety and without the balls to tell the holier than thou people that they're being idiotical, nonsensical and fucking stupid.

Somehow telling someone that, is not socially acceptable. So I am permanently ecstatic towards them.

Which means that all the negatice comes out when I am at home, meaning that my mom bears the brunt of my cranky self.
Sorry mom, I do apologise, you do not deserve. Well maybe you do for making me clean up my room (just kidding, love ya mom)

Not that my mom can read or speak english ;).

On a non masky note: I discovered The Big Bang Theory show, and dear lord I am in love with Sheldon. Somehow his lankyness and frankness is appealing to me. Nerdlove I welcome thee back to my bed, mental bed. Not literally I don't want any of you to get strange ideas or anything. I'll let you know when I do.

So I leave you with a vid of Sheldon and with the fact that a friend of buddha attempted to hug me in much the same way, but that was because I was glaring at him for attempting to hug me ;).


p.s. I'm afraid I am not making much sense right now ;).
Blaine's sage advice
12th-Feb-2009 09:00 pm - Don't you Shiver? Shiver, Shiver.
Hey ho, let's roll into rambly mode.

In recent news. Hey guess what: I TURNED 18!

I'm an actual fact adult now. I don't feel like it. Still the same old procrastinating-ly annoying ole me.
But with better hair, seeing as it's more like Russel Brand's each and every day. Some might say this is not a good thing. I swear, it's a good look for me ;).

On the note of famous people, Douglas adams will be finished uploading tomorrow. I don't know where my head was this week, probably oncloud7: the homework cloud. And I consequently forgot about everything.

I did however make conclusions. Somewhat. On twitter even.
I have decided that he does and will (ever) not love me. Simultaneously depressed and moving on. Passing fancies and all that right?

That remark should really be disregarded. No really. It's not as if I have told him or ever will. But really I need to stop driving myself batty over this. And should most definitely never be depressed about shit like that. I can't and I won't.

In other news which does cheer me up. Hey guess what: I got a tat.

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The tat looks a bit warped from that angle due to it's position on my shoulder, and yes my shoulder is that large tyvm.

Oh and I have done something I am not proud of but do want to somehow have lyrics for.
I was amazingly bored last night that I made a concept album on the fly, with horrendously bad song titles.
May I present to you:

Eddy the evil clown
and all of his friends
Track listing
1. Zombies are for pussies
2. Clowns, and why we hate them
3. Evil badgers will be the coolest shit you'll ever see
4. Take your time, I'm already dead
5. Angry filled rants (We know we´re not making sense)
6. Nitrous Oxide never did much for me
7. Like poodles (we're not just fluffy)
8. Popped balloon animals, and why we love them
9. Big brother stopped watching you 24/5 years ago
10. Pluto, we really don't miss you
11. Putting the V in Vultuous.
12. Lackadaisical killer instinct.
13. Because we didn't want to leave it at 12

I slowly ran out inspiration and this is what I came up with. I like four, six and somehow 11. Twelve I sorta like due to the word lackadaisical. I have a word fetish, don´t tell ;).

Also a sound fetish, so if everybody would stop using seductive tones on me I would greatly appreciate it. I do not like to get turned on by everybody capable of producing moans and or a bone melting low sound.


Blaine's sage advice
3rd-Feb-2009 10:15 pm - Audio philes
No woman should ever be subjected to 6 hours of religious audiobooks, or 6 hours of religious anything unless it is by choice. Of course the word subjection then no longer has anything to do with it seeing as free will has entered the occasion.

Grammatical technicalities aside:

alternatekeys twittered a while ago that she had to be subjected to that, for yet unknown reasons.  I also heard through the grapevine that she has to spend some considerable amount of time in the precense of  parentuals, possibly in very constant near proximity. Cleary this is not fun in any way (no really, I'd go bonkers, tell me you wouldn't and I will not believe you)

So to keep her entertained this is for her:


Book one: The HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy

Disc one
Disc two
Disc three
Disc four 
Disc five

Book two: The Restaurant at the End of The Universe

Disc one
Disc two
Disc three
Disc four
Disc five

book three: Life, The Universe, and Everything Else

Disc one
Disc two
Disc three
Disc four
Disc five

Books two, three, four, and five will follow shortly. If by then you, Britt, are still going a bit banana's other audiobooks might be procured and uploaded/ebooks might be found and uploaded/ music can be arranged etc, until such a time arrives that you are safely living in a house or something closely resembling it, without the parentuals being there. 

That sounds weird, but still ;). 
And of course other people on my flist who like Douglas Adams can hop on the fun as well!
Blaine's sage advice
27th-Jan-2009 11:32 pm - Rabbits in the shed, with an axe
I'm in Egypt today. I decided it was time for a little vacation, midterms be damned.

I know that sounds rather drastic, but it really isn't Egypt is my happy place, where I can just lose myself. I go there quite often to plant my feet in the gushing waters and to just breathe for a second.

I can't give you my exact location, for I'm not sure of it myself. You might say I have fled from all of my problems. I might have done that, I probably always do that. You can't always live in dreams and fantasy and when faced with reality I'd rather go to Egypt.

Here I don't have to face my crush, my weird ass feelings for men that even I can't completely pinpoint. You might call it adoration, or hero worship, in love seems so drastic. Though I love crushing I actually want to be in love. To be even more specific, I want him to also be in love with me, and tell me, or I tell him and he says he is too and then we can start something. I'd say the start of something beautiful and magnificent, but probably not. Knowing me we'll argue a lot, and break up, and he'll realise what a bitch I am, and I realise that really Egypt is not my place at all. And I don't want that. So no words will be said about that

Liars turn me on after all, and really masturbation is not so 1990. (ignore that statement if you will ;))

Here I dont have to worry about my midterms, and the fact that I really don't understand this whole liquidityanalasys thing, or the entire subject for that matter. No really, I haven't been paying attention these past few months, see above for reasons!

Also, I hope if I ignore it the headache and swollen glands and fuzzy throat will leave me alone. 

I hear The Nile has healing properties,
or was it all just a lie?

Blaine's sage advice
I'm dreadfully sorry I haven't been commenting. I feel bad for it, like epically bad. Especially towards certain people I've always commented or at the very least made an effort to do so regularly. I dunno if they are like: OMG WHERE THE HECK IS SHE? Well I'm here ;)(and on aim, just gimme a pingumabob, same name as on LJ). But if they're not, I STILL FEEL BAD. I'm just weird like that

There is a reason for it, besides my lethargic sloth like ways. I was planning to catch up, but I've been caught by the knitting bug! and then I went away this weekend etc etc. HORRIBLE! JUST HORRIBLE!

But going away is fun? YES IT IS! And No it isn't!
Yes, because clearly I had fun (I bought Brisingr, sock wool and watched Twilight, epic fail movie of the year and fun for it). No, because A) it cut into my knitting time, and more importantly B)MY HOMEWORK WAS NOT MADE! (C) I still hate drunk people and had a headache, the mother of all headaches, you could genetically manipulate this headache!)

No really, I'm extremely busy with just about everything. I have midterms next week, which comes down to 8 tests I need to study for (DNW AT ALL!!). I'm not exceptionally smart or anything, so I need to study pretty well (Smart enough for the Uni prep thing I'm doing, but not top of the class in uni prep smart).

Also the PWS and the PO! PWS, I've been skirting and procrastinating like crazy. I just didn't want to get into it. It's such a mess. It's about the credit crisis, which is such a HUGE FRIGGING MESS, that I really dont want to get into it. But I've already written 700 words, and am to write many more before the start of my school day tomorrow. This is only question 1 by the way, out of 8 in total. Yay for me.The PO is a nightmare. Three more weeks left for it and no work done yet. I'm starting on it tomorrow.

Note to self: buy energy drinks

Also there's debate, for school itself this time not the debate club, coming up and then my tat appointment come wednesday, my birthday as well.

All in all I'm going insane!

But I still love you all, and after these two weeks (besides periodical updates) you well be hearing from me once more!

p.s. ALKALINE TRIO FUCKING ROCKS OKAY! Alas I cant play music and do homework at the same time.
Blaine's sage advice
Just like there are many aspects of bandom I dont really know all that much about there are also a lot of aspects of music I don't know about. Or rather types, or bands, or even some genres

For istance: what the heck is ska? I have never listened to this sort of music.

So enter my 2009 project: Music self improvement.
A (bi)weekly music review of some sorts, with your help, if you will.

What I am going to do is this: I am going to listen to an artist, either an album or multiple ones (or sometimes just the one song). Then I will research a bit about them (who are the band members, what do they look like, other albums worth listening to, recent tours, anything planned? pictures of what they look like, other notable side projects etc etc) and post that to my tumblr (and relink it to here ;)). Including a song I liked of said album, due to lyrics or just beats or w.e. attracted me.

I hope to gain something of it at the end of all this. If not a better sense of music. Though I am aware music is more or less a thing of taste, but I shallt try either way.

I am looking for a number of bands/artists, to fill these weeks, besides the ones I've lined up already. Which are mainly bandom related bands, for I have never listened to some of them, or simply don't know enough of them. (no really I know the lead singer is a red head, but what's his name?)

Edit// I do now have quite a lot of artists, but am open to more if anybody has a wish. Also particular album recs of the artists there are also welcome ;).  

You can rec more than one if you want to (PLEASE DO) for I am at a complete loss here. (even if I already have the artist in question I will still do it ;))

The list of artistsCollapse )
Blaine's sage advice
9th-Jan-2009 06:58 pm - Oh glorious sheep.
Hey there. I'm going to become a bit more active in LJ now. I've been away for a bit, doing the debate thing and the school, thing, but I'm going to try to be a bit more comment-y from now on.

The sheep thing is because I am currently sleep deprived, to a point where my legs are starting to hurt from all the bouncing I did earlier to keep me awake. It's all delicately themed.

The sleep thing is confusing. I want to sleep, and dream, but I also want to knit 3 more repeats on my lace scarf and knit the top flap of my mitten (so that they can be finished).

The reason as to why I haven't been sleeping: Catcher in the Rye.

The book itself is a bit of an iffy point for me. It's not that I didn't like the book, not at all, I loved it and I liked the protagonist Holden Caulfield. But I couldn't really identify with him. I do get the whole being removed from the world thing, I get that, but seriously can you be more self ignorant? It's all very nice if you're off to lala land, but at the very least stop to ask directions once in a while.

This didn't stop me from adoring the book. That was caused by the language used. I understand that the writer has mimicked or was mimicking a teenager and his speech patterns. But dear Deities if anybody talked like that back then I would have gone mad. The combinations "and all" and "that killed me, it really did" were used so often I would have gauged my own eyes out to make it stop.

So I didnt finish the book on time, and I had to stay up late to write the essay which was truly about NOTHING. Well it was supposedly about how Holden was a hypocrite himself by judging others to be hypocrites. Delicately themed.

Bedtime bedtime..

Also. I forgot to post Potluck part two did I not? I shallt get round to that tomorrow and or sunday.

(I'm also learning how to spin wool, and I'm filled with glee ;))
Blaine's sage advice
No really it is, the little bugger.

Tumblr´s pretty amazing, no doubt, but probably not what many of you are looking for? The glaring lack of tag cloud might be it, or the whacked out CSS block thingie. Yes true there art no tags or communities. Even so. I will be obsessively stalking all of ye on tumblr or where else you may go.

I might add all of you to aim, if you don´t mind that. I dunno if we´ll ever talk to one another, but it´s nice to know you´re there?

Also if you dislike me, defriend me or something. Tou´re allowed, you won´t be the only one out there. I can be pretty annoying on an average day. I´m a rambler and not much tought goes into some of the things I say. I´m also a bit absentminded at times, off into my own little lala land on most occasions, so sometimes I don´t hear or sense what´s going on. I also like to argue, a lot, but I dont know if any of you have encountered that yet.

Anyways what was I going to say?
Oh yes. If any of you need to find me elsewhere: I am here: http://phome.us/knittedfuin. The find me thing has all you need ;).
I will probably be moving to Tumblr when the time comes. Cut down on my tags and all that. Though I already have a knitting tumblr, and another one that doesn't make sense yet. Maybe it will one day.

Right now I'm still busy with school. It's going to get hectic for there are once again midterms upon me. Oh the dramatics. 8 midterms stuffed into one week, easy peasy non?
Also I went ice skating! it was amazing. And I didn't fall. Yay!

Bye bye, till later
Blaine's sage advice
5th-Jan-2009 04:25 am - Writer's Block: Church and State
Today in 1893 U.S. President Benjamin Harrison declared full amnesty for Mormon polygamists. Is it the government's place to define which marriages are valid and which are not?

Is it mine?

You choose those who will make a decision for you. I choose to not make one.
Embrace your inner hippie, and see for once that it's not about you and not about your government.

You can tell them they cannot marry, you can tell them they aren't equal, you can tell them they're love is fake, that they are fake.

But your words don't make them unequal, your words don't make them any less real, your words does not and will not destroy their love.

Your words have no validity. You talk about the sanctity of marriage? Without getting into divorce rates, I ask you to forget marriage, but to consider what happened to the sanctity of love. A gay man or woman does not harm you or anybody else. They merely love one another.

Que exactement is wrong with that? Don't answer it, I know what you'll say and I see no truth in it nor logic.

Your, no OUR, system is flawed. Flawed to a point where marriage = love. Marriage does not equal love. Marriage is a business transaction that allows those who enter it to gain access to quite a lot of rights and benefits. Which you are now denying about 1/5 of your country. I would like to throw an Epic Fail in there, but I might also be adventerous enough to let you come to that conclusion your self. Or I might not.

As for marriage before god: it is merely a confirmation of love.

I do not say I have all the answers, nor that my way of looking things is always right. It seems just so hypocrytical to me that people who continuously propagandate world peace can do nothing more than create hatred towards others.

Talk about stupidity at it's finest.
Blaine's sage advice
1st-Jan-2009 01:49 am - HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR
My evening was beyond shitty into the waters of downright sad. But, for you all I hope your evening will be phenomenally wonderful!

Love from me in a vid ;)

Also the first part of NEW YEARS POTLUCK! New Years Potluck features one song from pretty much every artist or cd collection I have. In total around 70 songs divided over two discs and about 10+ zips ;)

disc one today, disc two tomorrow, or well later today.
Blaine's sage advice
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