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Nifty vs Nefarious
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You make me CRAZY 
28th-Nov-2010 09:43 pm
 Was that as good for you as it was for me? The wall's killing my back though. 

The party was amazing, amazingly cracky that is. I mean, how do you describe a party that has straight men grinding up against each other whilst they're dressed as women, to the beat of california girls? Crackfest '11 me thinks. 

I didn't really dress up as a dude, because I'm masculine enough as is. ;) (built like a linebacker, albeit one with magnificent tits. wait what? BAD BRAIN!) I made an attempt, in the form of piano key suspenders and some neckties, but every single girl out there was wearing suspenders. I say girl, I mean man. I don't even know anymore. Some of those dudes looked mighty fine in their girl get ups though, so I might start gettin hot and bothered over trannies next. Sexual frustration, I has it. TMI? I live in the land of TMI, sorry ;). 

So the party was cool, or well the people dressing up were. The music sorta started to suck like henry the hoover about halfway though, and everything but beer was a bit overpriced, but I danced my ass off so all is good. No really, I had muscle ache in my HIPS, for crying out loud. Still do actually. That's what you get from shaking those babies for too long.  

The best part of the night was the 2 hours we spent freezing our asses off on a bench in grand central station like 2 hobo's. You see, the party was over at 4, but the first train home wasn't until 6, so we had to spend 2 hours waiting, and since we couldn't really walk anymore, or my friend couldn't since she had been danging on 3" heels, we decided to plonk down on a bench in the grand hall of Utrecht Central railway station. Apparently they still serve you hot coco at 4 AM, so we decided to camp out there and get the occasional refill;). Then at about a quarter past we met the most amazing dudes ever.

They were wasted, or well one of them was, the other was getting there. I still don't remember their names, but they came up to us with the following news:  "LADIES, we're going to, wait for it, BERLIN!" " wait, do we need passports for that?"
us: "Eh yeah dudes, kinda do. I mean it's the EU and all, but if you're flying..." 
Them: "Okay, okay, here's what we'll do, we're gonna ask those railroad workin people if they know what to do, and then we'll come back to chat" 
Us: "Eh....good luck with that?  "Karin, they're batshit and they're drunk" Karin: "I know, isn't it amazing xD" I <3 that girl ;)

They came back with the news that they were now going to Barcelona instead, for reasons still unknown to all of us.

The conversation that ensued, though,  was filled with the stupidest jokes known to man, as well as fight club and Christiane F references. One of them liked to pretend he was confused about his sexuality to score with chicks, so he was a bit of a douche, but he also liked macking on dudes, so I'm not sure wth that was all about. He was hilarious though, and had the world's fluffiest scarf. The other one managed to end up underneath my blanket (yes I took a blankie, it was freezing outside) and nearly fell asleep on me. Cue the d'awww ness. Sadly their train left an hour before ours did, so our time was cut short. Maybe it was for the best. 
Still feel stupid for forgetting their names.

Dear brain, why so faily?  
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