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A fractured Fairy Tale fanmix, explained...sort of ;) 
2nd-Sep-2010 04:15 pm
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Song list/Commentary
I'm not quite sure why I wanted to do this post. Perhaps it was to convey my thought processes, or maybe just because... Well really I don't know, but here goes ;)

Oh I do suggest reading the fic first while listening to all the songs, before you read this, because..SPOILER ALERT!

Fractured Fairy Tale Song - Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens

This song just screams fairy tale to me, and for some of you probably will too. And we can all blame Disney for that. This song is what the Belle and the Beast theme song was based on, and ever since I discovered the original I've been struck by its lovely sound. When I saw what the authors of this fic were planning to write this is the first thing that came to mind and the rest just followed from that.

Introducing Queen Penelope - Killer Queen, by Queen

How could I not? I think Queen was completely right in their description of this fictional queen:

Playful as a pussy cat
Then momentarily out of action Temporarily out of gas
To absolutely drive you wild, wild
She's out to get you
Guaranteed to blow your mind

Forbidden Forest Theme - Violin Concerto in G Minor, The Four Seasons, Summer, 3. Presto, from Vivaldi’s four Season’s

The forbidden forest mentioned in the fic is ominous, majestic, creepy as heck what with its evil wizard inside, or at least that's what the rumours tell the people of Pasadenamark. But when Queen Penelope actually goes in there she realizes that it isn't that scary, that is until she gets captured.

So I wanted to portray the forest as not exactly...evil, but there should definitely be an undercurrent of impending "doom" so to speak. And well, I heard this and there you go ;).

Penelope's Tenacity - My life, by Anouk

This one was inspired by the fact that Penelope decides to take off and see her kingdom, without the constricting role of Queen hanging around here, several times actually.

Sir Leonardo's Lament - The Blower's Daughter

Sir Leonardo is portrayed as the valiant knight who is completely in love with his queen and has been ever since he laid eyes on her. He can't take his eyes off of her, literally.
But sadly their love is not meant to be. Life goes on, maybe he'll finally realize that there are other fish in Pasadenamark's sea. Maybe.

Sheldor's Memory - Newgrange, by Celtic woman

The events that led to Sheldor taking the forest for his own were mostly started by his ire over the fact that Penelope's parents had cut the funding for the Magical Arts program in Pasadenamark. This song is a sort of mix between memory and fantasy. In it Sheldor sort of remembers what Pasadenamark was like when it was filled with magic, and probably imagines it should be like again.

Sheldor's Resolution - Hope on fire, by Vienna Teng

This song is inspired by the fact that Sheldor actually decides to actively do something about the magic situation, and ends up building a contraption that should convince the King and Queen to reinstitute the magic program. The song's beat also gives the impression that he's busy thinking, working, moving towards his goal.

You're a one-man shift in the weather

Les von Winkle's Revenge - Bust the windows out your car, Amber Riley

Sadly Les von Winkle doesn't like to be ignored, especially not for a Queen. Hurt and angry she goes as far as stealing Sheldor's invention and using it against him. For a normal man busting his car up is bad enough, but for somebody like Sheldor what Les von Winkle did meant the ultimate betrayal. At least she got her revenge ;).

Stephanie's Plea - You gotta choose, by Fink

Doctor Steph falls in love with the most valiant knight in the kingdom. Sadly the man she falls in love with thinks he's already in love. So what's a girl to do? Tell him he's gotta choose.

Penelope's Predicament - Royal Pain, by the Eels

Inspired by the fact that nearly everybody seems to think that Penelope's been kidnapped and needs saving. Even though by now she's quite willing to go wherever with Sheldor, or rather quite content to drag him along on her crazy journey ;). (also about Sheldor's attempts to get by with at least a bit of his pride intact ;))

Bernadetta Sees - Jigsaw Falling into Place

I imagine this song to be about the moment Bernadetta realizes her Queen is in no danger (and might even be in love with the wizard) and then her worries just sort of...slip away.

Jigsaw falling into place
There's nothing to explain
Regard each other as you pass
She looks back, you look back
not just once, not just twice,

wish away nightmare, wish away nightmare
you got a light, you can feel it on your back
jigsaw falling into place.

Wizard's Ending - Losing Streak

And he got the girl ;). And his wish of magic finally being reinstated. Seems like Sheldor's losing streak is finally over

Wolowizard's Ego, It's only me (the wizard of Magicland), by the barenaked ladies.

Well Wolowizard does actually speak as a guy who's really got it going on ;).
It's a sort of bonus track, if you will.

Henchmen Song - With little help from my friends, by the Beatles

The ultimate friendship, or should I say Henchmen?, song. I imagine this is mostly about the moozers, because, well, technically the Raj and Wolowizard abandoned Sheldor.

Emma's Lullaby - Over the rainbow, Glee cast

I imagine Emma's parents singing this to her, in lieu of Soft kitty ;).
Blaine's sage advice
11th-Sep-2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
This was a really good idea I like reading your thoughts behind the songs you chose and how they fit with the fic!
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